Simple Code, Used Often

Find Centerpoint

It was the first program I wrote. And it's still my go-to.

"Centerpoint" finds the midpoint of two objects' lengths to give more accurate designs.

Cleaner Living

Chronic Sponge Holder

A tiered sponge holder lets the top sponge stay clean and dry, while the older, dirtier sponge still sits safely above my ever-wet kitchen sink.

Cleaner Space

Doggie Gate Struts

These struts keep my parents' previously wedged gates upright while freestanding, and doggies contained while on the move.

Future projects

Water Pump Crank

An egg-beater style pump to pull water from shallows or bodies too murky for initial drinking-level filtration.

The filter removes sediment through three stages before it's pumped into a gallon jug — to then be filtered through a more advanced system.

Coming soon!

Lens Hoods

My Mamiya's lenses didn't come with hoods. So, I plan to replicate the 50mm's and do some research on the 150mm to try to make two to respectively shroud each lens.

Coming soon!


Speaker Series

This project is a series of repurposing broken headphones by soldering broken wires and printing new housings.