Journalism Stories

Aiden Sowder stares off into a room at the Alchua County Jail.

No. 01: Story of Change

A story about the county jail being toured for repurposing. Eventually a homeless shelter would be the winning bid. But in that time, it was just a place for Aiden Sowder to play.

Donnie Young's Deer Ranch

No. 02: In the Woods

A story about bugs killing deer populations in Florida. The bugs were smaller than a houseflies, but winning a fight against a former NFL player and his deer ranch.

No. 03: Country Chemist

A story about how cheese is made from the cow to the bread spread. As told through the life of Nancy, a gardener who taught free classes at her local library.

No. 04: Lighter Things

Two stories about surprisingly cold days in Florida. The first was about a special week where the students leave a college town. And the other was just about the weather on a delightfully cold day in Gainesville.

  1. The Blackberry Winter Story
  2. The Soup Story