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I haven't written much since I started working for CLAS IT. I've just felt so been busy. Between work and volunteering and extra-curriculars every day, the days seem to disappear.

It's nice because the weekends seem to get here faster, but then it puts a lot of pressure on that time to finish the projects wracked up over the week.

Matt and I have been out mapping the Juniper Wilderness in Ocala Forest. We find such strange things out there. We found a lantern last trip. We even found a dog on the way home. Matt named her Juniper.

It's strange going back to work at a desk after such deep and natural experiences like navigating the wild with a compass. I was asked to find a solution to orphan files at work one day. And I thought there might be a connection between the need to find a piece among a system. Those being files on a server here at work. Or maybe it's a lost dog or some nitrogen seeping into a watersystem in the wild. That thought made made me feel strangely peaceful. It was like I was on the right track focusing on computers and accounting for relationships.

I take my laundry to a laundromat despite having machines at my complex. I enjoy the time without WIFI and connection to place outside my home, like I'm paying rent to sit in those cheap plastic chairs a quarter at a time by the quarter. And I walk away with better smelling clothes. And it's those little things that have brought me joy in an uncertain time in my life lately.

I get to bring those things back to the conversations I have with my friends over coffee and talk until the lights shut off around us. And through the hecticity of the commute and labor, the forest trails, conferences and coffee shops, there are those little things like lost lanterns, and moments with loved one, that others may not see. Things that are just for me.