Two dogs run unaccompanied through Bobby Hicks Park in South Tampa.


I ordered some development supplies last week that would let me process black and white film at home. But the main component is on backorder. So, now I'm just waiting.

I had the local shop develop a color roll for me in the meantime. I got an image of two dogs running that I thought turned out well. I was happy about that because it was an interesting moment. The dogs ran toward us as we walked through a field. I felt threatened, but my mom called them over. They just ignored us and ran on.

I have two undeveloped black and white rolls of a model I shot last week. I want to wait for the development supplies to arrive so I can process those on my own. But there's a lot going on in my life right now. So, being patient and waiting for delivery fits. Wednesday's the black and white development day at the local shop. But I think I might be OK just waiting a few more days to develop at home.