171003: 100 Days

Van Lifers

A Giant Leopard Moth in Gainesville

Day 07


I dropped some film off today and, idk, I've just been getting closer to developing film at home every time I make that trip accross town. It's tough to justify the cost without a more stable schedule. But it'll be cheaper overall. I could also develop black and white whenever I wanted. But the most important thing is that it'd probably make me devote some space to development -- so, maybe a dark room soon?

In the meantime, I think I'm going to invest in home development within the next week or two.

100 Days

The schedule's been going OK. I'm not much of a schedule follower. So, I've just been trying to hit my goals while I'm awake. And that's been going pretty well. I think it's time to switch PHP courses now.

That Moth Image

It's called a "Giant Leopard Moth"

Taken on my iPhone 5 in Gainesville. I took some film shots that day, but none of the moth.