July 20: downtowns

Street Shots

Gainesville Nightlife -- Friday night patrons walk through the streets of Gainesville. A man in downtown Tampa Chickens in Tampa Heights Ladies in the Robles Park community in Tampa Dog walking in downtown St. Pete A baby at dinner at the Red Mesa Cantina in downtown St. Pete Allie D. exits the Red Mesa Cantina in downtown St. Pete Allie D awaits an Uber ride James Catalano walking to his car in downtown St. Pete

Day Walking

I wish I could reshoot the fence photo I took in the Robles Park community. There's a lot of culture in a small space in a neighborhood I didn't know existed until I stumbled onto it.

Eye Lock

The out-of-focus silhouette was the main shot I expected from this series. I felt a bit of pain from the irony of being near her throughout the night to then see her standing alone as random cars and people passed by. That was familiar to me.

I had that shot in mind more or less. I knew I'd be shooting downtown at night, so there'd be a deeper contrast mixing with deeper feelings brought on by odds of numbers and time.

There's no replacement for sharp images. But I do enjoy the shaky ones. I think they let me reference that time more as it felt as if it's replicating that time's emotional flurry.