Alex Catalano

July 20: Shake

I'll feel the same, soft and sewn the rain.

Don't hold me in my home. I got it on my phone to breeze through.


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These images came from walking around Gainesville, to walking through the Robles Park projects in Tampa, and finally, my mom's birthday night in St. Pete.

Poorly Developed

The photo lab ruined a few of my shots. A few things:

  1. Laziness: I prefer to have the shop develop my film. It's still a good price to me at $3.50 a roll.
  2. Impatience: I struggle waiting for black and white's Wednesday-only development day.
  3. Serenity: I'm being pulled to different places these days. Tampa is looking stronger because the work I'm doing for my parents' company is growing more demanding. While Gainesville sits 15 minutes in any direction from the woods with big-city internet available. Yet, it grows louder with construction and more crowded with an increasing population. Dropping the Peace Corps class wobbled me a bit and made confusion a near constant in my life. So, I try to just keep shooting. So, while I'm still so unsettled, I'm OK letting the lab develop my images. Mistakes happen and seem to even make the favored ones just that much more special.

And maybe I just prefer shaky images. I seem to shoot a lot at night and despise using a flash. I guess I just don't mind the shake. Maybe it hides some information that my memories fill.