July 10: Soft Grass

Shot Count

Lauren in the neon light of a pawn shop in Gainesville, FL. Subjects cover their faces to maintain anonymity while getting pizza in Gainesville. Another street photographer loading medium format film in downtown Orlando. A skater poses for a portrait outside of the library in downtown Orlando. Matt Benson laughing in Ocala National Forest Sarah with her umbrella in Depot Park in Gainesville, Florida Ocala National Forest in black and white Sean and Matt in Ocala National Forest at sunset Matt Benson's digital Nikon camera in a forest field Matt Benson and his 35mm film Leica in Ocala National Forest


I think my favorite image from this series was the one of Matt's camera in the tall grass. It just captures what the Mamiya 6 does so well. I wish I could describe it more than something like, "It's just the way it's supposed to be." But that's it. I just enjoy its texture. It's so soft and sharp. I just love it and think it's beautiful for being such a simple shot.

I bought extra film for this weekend. I'll be around rougher parts of Tampa and St. Pete's nightlife for my mom's birthday.

I stopped shooting after returning from taking the Ocala and Orlando shots above. I feel like I became afraid to take an imperfect photo. That's what burned me out on digital. It's not that every shot costs me a dollar. It's just that I sit in fear debating if the shot has a purpose. Merging images with web development exacerbated this by putting the images' initial nature as a motivation for their implementation.

I enjoy having a picture in mind before going out to shoot, but I almost never get what I'm going for. My favorites are usually the blips of moments between struggling within strongarming idealism.

I broke my stalemate when I was going out for pizza night last week. I just strapped the damn camera to my hand and snapped off a few images.

And, I mean, not every night is pizza night. But, idk, I'm just trying not to take things so seriously.